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Updated: 09 November 2013

I'm seriously considering putting this site to bed. With virtually zero feedback and no contributions for months, I'm beginning to question whether or not this is worth it anymore.

If this site is useful to you, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know, and perhaps throw in a couple of bucks to help keep it running. This isn't a requirement of using the site or anything like that; it's just not free on this end and the economy is making things a little tough on me keeping things going at the moment.

Volume 2, Issue 2 is still in stasis, and there it may remain for a while.

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Help Support Star Trek RPG and Beyond the Final Frontier!

You can support the game and this site in a number of ways. The first way is by sending us content. Send your creations as file attachments to and I'll get them posted as soon as possible; please indicate if you intend for the submission to be a stand-alone item for the website, or an article in the webzine.

The second way to support BTFF is monetarily. This is a free site, and it's going to stay that way. There's no charge for use of this site or the content here, and there never will be. That said, however, it does cost me some money to host the site and cover the bandwidth it uses. To that end, I do accept donations. It's not required, and I certainly won't think less of you if you don't (I know how tough the economy can be, trust me), but if you can spare a couple bucks to help me keep this going and possibly even make it better...well, it would sure be appreciated.

You can send any questions, comments, and suggestions about the game or the site to that same email address. You can also find answers for questions about the CODA system by going to the forums. There are a lot of good, friendly folks there who can answer a lot of your questions.

Looking at some of the search strings that have brought folks here, it seems that I've had a few who've come by looking for support for the ICON system version of the Star Trek RPG by Last Unicorn Games. I don't have anything for that system except for a conversion document. However, extensive support for this version of the game is available at the excellent Memory ICON site.

I'd also like to take a moment to address a couple of frequently asked questions. I'm not going to set up a special FAQ section because I really don't get very many concerning this site or its content. I get a lot of emails asking about PDF copies of the CODA Star Trek books, especially the two PDF-only releases, Worlds and Mirror Universe. Well, they are out there...and they're not here on this site, nor will they be. Those copies out there are illegal, and I kind of want to keep this site on the up-and-up. Yes, I know where they can be found. No, I won't tell you where they are. Please don't ask me.

Beyond the Final Frontier - The Zine

Errata & Conversion Documents

External Links

Well, I really can't host everything, no matter how hard I might try. There are several excellent Star Trek gaming resources out there that are hosted on other sites.

Player's Guide Resources

The Player's Guide is the central book for the entire CODA Star Trek Roleplaying Game. All the information for creating a character, including the various Species, Skills, Professions, and Traits available to create a character.

Character Sheets

Character Generation Aids

The character generation process in the Player's Guide is somewhat...disheveled. I found it enormously useful to create a simple, single-sheet summary of the character generation process for CODA Star Trek. Wanting to give it a little bit of visual appeal, I decided to put a watermark in the background. This caused a single sheet to become, well, more than one. There are currently nine variations of this sheet; perhaps more will come later. The glyphs in the watermark are all part of font sets, which is why there's a limited number of them. As I find others with glyphs that appeal to me, I'll probably expand the selection.

It should be noted that, while there are nine different graphics, the sheets all have exactly the same information.

Other character generation aids that have turned up over the years, which are not produced by me:

Fan Supplements

Narrator's Guide Resources

The Narrator's Guide was the second of the core books for Decipher Star Trek RPG released. It's as well-organized as the Player's Guide was disorganized. Loaded with advice on how to run and organize a Star Trek RPG series, as well as the CODA rules system and systems for creating worlds, sectors, starships, creatures, and aliens, the Narrator's Guide is one of the finest GM tools I've ever used in 29 years of gaming.

Starships & Starships Resources

This is, by far, the most popular section of this site, and the area that gets the most regular contributions. I've been working on a scheme to get them organized, and for the time being I've settled on sorting them by era/century, and then by the government who designed the ship. I've also separated out the individual starships, which make up most of this section, from the remaining starship resources. Compilations of ships appear with other starship resources in the final subsection.

Individual Starships


21st Century

22nd Century

22nd Century (Mirror Universe)

23rd Century

23rd Century (Alternate Universe)

24th Century

24th Century (Alternate Universe)

24th Century (Mirror Universe)

25th Century

26th Century

29th Century

Individual Space Stations

23rd Century

24th Century

Individual Vehicles (Non-Starships)

24th Century

Compilations & Other Resources

Aliens Resources

Many of these are species that have shown up once or twice in Star Trek and then been forgotten. Some are originals from various RPG series. A few of them are non-Trek species that have been adapted from other sources.

Creatures Resources

Worlds Resources

Worlds would have been the seventh hardcover release from Decipher, but their behind-the-scenes problems prevented that from ever happening. It was, eventually, released as a PDF-only document.


23rd century

23rd Century (Alternate Universe)

24th Century

Other Fan Publications & Resources

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